The Three Stooges® In Your Pocket






No Longer Available in the iTunes AppStore.

What’s the big idea?

The Three Stooges® In Your Pocket is finally here for the iPhone & iPod Touch!

Become a Stooge without all the bruises!

Trying to think but nothing happens?

The Three Stooges® In Your Pocket features the famous one -liners of America’s most influential vaudeville icons- Larry, Moe, and Curly.

Now you can have the laugh out loud comedy that has entertained audiences for almost a century right in your pocket!

Play the amusing sounds any time, anywhere!

Use the speaker function on your iPhone to play the sounds while you’re on the phone!

Send your friends a hilarious message from The Three Stooges®!

Don’t be a lame brain, get The Three Stooges In Your Pocket today!

Featured one-liners:

– I’m trying to think, but nothing happens
– What’s the big idea?
– You lame brain
– I refuse to act that dopey
– Hello, Hello, Hello
– I resemble that
– A simple job for simple people
– Oh, a wise guy
– Woob woob
– Nyuk nyuk nyuk
– I’m a victim of soicumstance
– Why you numbskull


– Large, easy to push sound buttons.
– Multi sound option allows you to mix up the sayings and make the stooges rap!
– Sounds sourced directly from the studios.
– Surprise, amuse or annoy your friends with a message from The Three Stooges.  The “Send A Stooge” feature allows you to send any of the Stooges’ sayings to all your friends!
– Look for hidden bonus features.

The Three Stooges® In Your Pocket is an officially licensed product.

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